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Nonprofit and Association Consulting
Evolve. Thrive. Succeed.

Association and nonprofit organization management has never been more demanding. Increasing business complexity, evolving legal and governance requirements, and changing workforce demands are challenging for even the most competent and experienced association and nonprofit leaders.

The Lyons Consulting Group can help. Joanne Dunne partners with clients to meet their needs, identify solutions, and help them reach their goals. She specializes in strategic governance, organizational assessments and restructuring, operational analyses, and new business development. Joanne helps clients improve and streamline internal business processes, reduce expenses, and maximize technology systems. The Lyons Consulting Group also has specialized experience working with associations and organizations undergoing transitions and experiencing crisis situations.

  • Is your organizational structure holding you back?
  • Can your association survive until the pandemic recovery comes?
  • Is your association's success on hold because of inefficient, outdated business processes and technology?

Now is the time to address your operations and your infrastructure as we move through the pandemic and prepare for the post-pandemic workplace. We work with our clients to:

  • Improve and streamline internal business processes.
  • Maximize AMS and other technology solutions and systems.
  • Grow non-dues revenue.
  • Develop new business products and services.
  • Increase revenue from current programs.
  • Align strategic goals and operational realities with governance.

Signature Achievements:

  • Led the start-up and launch of a sustainable health care trade association (now a $4M organization).
  • Saved a then $5M global health care association over $200K in the initial three months of the contract.
  • Implemented top-to-bottom 100+ staff reorganization for a $135M government-funded international nonprofit.
  • Led staff and operational restructure for an $11M international medical organization.
  • Raised 137% of budgeted sponsorship/exhibit revenue for a small education association's national conference in four months and produced $45K in net profit after their previous year's loss of $35K.
  • Produced a $500K turnaround and led a $1M organization out of the zone of insolvency in three years.
  • Grew non-dues revenue 107% in two years as part of a coordinated business development plan to grow sponsorships, advertising, and exhibit sales for a regional health care association.
  • Reduced the projected loss for a $15M national education association in a six-month fiscal year, notably reducing the projected loss for the annual convention by 41%.
  • More than doubled revenue to $2M and increased membership by 130% for a health care trade association.

Joanne Dunne